Description on policies of google store

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Description on policies of google store

Description on policies of google store

Google store provide a complete platform to anyone who want their application to be available for download the deployment of Android application and the Google store console is the other dimension in which they are talking about. Google has taken the extensive measure to ensure that the deployed code for the Android application is completely clean. The Google store is for the physical products and the Google’s market place has been started with the Android market in order to evolve the Play Store and eventually it has it to include the Google Store if you need to purchase any products in the Google you can easily purchase with the help of Google Store. Google Store use completely safe and secure environment in which daily thousands of safety policy has been introduced with the upcoming technology so it keeps the users completely safe.

Does it keeps the Android devices protected?

Yes, absolutely it is designed with the powerful security protections in which they are built into every Android devices which helps the users to find and enable on their own and they are automatically working from day 1. It is completely built in malware protection for Android devices in which the Google mobile services enabled in the Google store protects our system and analysis billions of application in order to keep safe of our ecosystem for the developers and users.

By launching google atore made a significant improvement in our ability to detect abuse from the impersonation and fraud to procreate content and malware. New machine learning models and techniques has been introduced in order to identify and reject 99% of the applications with abusive or malicious content before anyone can use them. Google store are committed in providing safer and more positive for children and family it helps the parents to find integrating and timing content with our kids tab on Google Store.

Google store is filled with teacher approved apps and games and it has empower the parents to set healthy digital ground rules with family link Parental Control.

Googlestore provides additional protections for children and families and these policy is required the apps and games targeted to the children to have an appropriate content and also it shows the advertisements that are suitable for children and it completely meets other requirement including related to personally identifiable information.

Is there any policies to protect both user and developer?

Google storer develops policies and it is designed to ensure that the partnership with our Global developer community continues to deliver the world’s most innovative and trusted app to the users. The main key policies includes which restrict the content with user privacy malware and mobile unwanted software. The main policies are generally updated quarterly and the developers are notified via Email of any changes and the developers have at least 30 day to make any necessary update to their apps and longer the update the likely to be significant. The grace period is also introduced for the developer violates any of the Google store policies and their app is removed or suspended from the Google store the developer is notified by email about specific reasons for the actions and also it provides with instruction to how to republish their application. Goofle store provides with complete instructions and it helps to appeal the action against the application suppose repeatedly serious violations of these policies such as malware fraud and the apps will cause the user or device harm.

Google stores long term success

The Google storesoffers secure safe transaction which is the cornerstone of any market place and gives the user the confidence the payments are secure while giving them transparency or purchases and a control over budget.

Googlestore supports 150 markets around the world to transact using the preferred payment method by including gift cards, credit cards or any other options based upon their choices and this Global Payment system benefits that developers tremendously since it insurance complete safe and easier payment method.

By creating a truly open and helpful platform for the developers it has been our goal since it has been extremely launched in the Android device and the value of our partnership has been continue to listen the feedback and always it helps to improve the platform. The data which helps the developers to understand the life cycle in which how it has been discovered in the Google store and also it helps how the users engage them what they are willing to pay for it. Developers have some access to rate and review to understand the user feedback in a respond to concerns.

Transaction methods for Google Store

Gogle stoe makes it easy for the user to choose payment option and most of them are convenient and provides various hope and cards for the users in which they can directly purchase as billing integration and they can also use Digital Services such as PayPal, evaluate across 15 market. Users securely store their payment method for the future use and also it helps to modify them for anytime. Then an application or game offers the app purchase for access to digital content or services the Purchase flow is controlled by Google Play it means that it is consistent across app and the users clearly see what they are paying for before choosing to buy.

For some accidental purchases users are able to require a password which can be used anytime as an item which is purchased. In addition a secure transaction is made and the user wants to control a transparency of their overall spend on Google store and the payment history across their application and games is always available on the users can set a monthly budget in order to help and manage the digital will bill being.


Google store building system is a service which helps the developers to sell a digital products in their application and it makes easy for the developers to the millions of Android users around the world in which they are preferred form of payment method is chosen. Here the developers will offer and a front payment in app purchases or subscription in which the Google store developers can control their office and modified equal prices to view performance data. Google store system is required for the developers to offer app purchases of digital goods and the requirement provide the safe payment experience for all the users and it is fundamental to maintain trusted ecosystem. Developer’s service fee as a percentage of the purchase price and the user can easily transact as a result it helps to support the application ecosystem in a secured way.