Things to know about the google stores in usa

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Things to know about the google stores in usa
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Things to know about the google stores in usa

google stores in usa is an online shopping site that sells electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and TV. The google store usa is the only place where you can get products from Google permanently. Other than that, there will be other electronics stores, online or offline that sell products from Google. The google store in the USA does not have a worldwide presence. It is available in only a few countries in the world and one of them is the United States of America. There are things you should know about the google stores .  Here are some tips on what to expect from buying from Google Stores.

  1. Supplies and warranties

You can only buy these electronic devices from Google Store. You can also buy accessories for your electronic devices when you buy online at their site. One thing you should know about the google store usa is that it is only for sales and marketing. You can’t get technical support from Google Store. For those who want to get technical support, you will only get it from other retailers or from your manufacturer. You also have to buy accessories with the same brand as your electronic device.

  1. Shipping and delivery

You also need to know that when you buy online at Google Store, there are minimal shipping rates. The delivery time is different depending on where in the US you live. But the delivery time does not exceed 7 days.

  1. Returning policy

When you buy online at google stores in usa, they have a great refund/return policy and claim to be fair as there is no time limit for the return of your purchase. The best thing is that there are no restocking fees and you can return your purchased items if they are defective. If you think about it, the google stores in the USA have good customer support when it comes to the claims on defective units.

  1. Return shipping

When you do a return, the shipping fees will be paid by Google. You need to pay for the shipping only for the replacement. You can also ask for free returns if you are in a hurry or if you think the packaging is too big for your small apartment.

  1. Pricing

Their products in their store are really competitive and this is why there are many products that are out of stock. There are other retailers like Best Buy who have items that are priced lower than what Google Store offers but they don’t guarantee that they will have items in stock everytime and customer service may be an issue there as well.

  1. Payment options

The payment process is different from other online shops. When you buy at Google Store, you may be asked to enter your credit card information and shipping address. You should check before to see if this information is saved or not. If it is saved, then you don’t need to provide it again when buying your next product at google stores. Google store enables its customers in the US to pay using their bank account and if they have a google wallet account, they can use that too.

What are the products available on google store? 

Products available on google store us, are- a new tablet Pixel 2 XL, TVs like 4K TVs and smart speakers like Google home Mini. The Pixel 2 XL by Google is one of the most powerful android phones with its 12.2 megapixel rear camera and 8 megapixel front camera with dual pixel autofocus technology for best pictures even when you’re moving or shooting fast action scenes. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and 4 GB RAM. This Google phone can do almost everything that Galaxy phones can do with better picture quality than Galaxy phones.

Google home mini is also another product of google which is a vocal assistant speaker that can be connected to any other Bluetooth speaker for better surround sound.  Also, the Chromecast Ultra is another product by Google that supports 4K streaming, which means you can stream your favourite shows in brilliant high definition or even watch your favourite Netflix and YouTube in ultra HD. There are also new laptops with the latest Intel processors such as the Google Pixelbook 12 inch laptop on sale at the lowest price yet.

Benefits of using the google stores in usa:

  1. Google stores offer the lowest prices with discounts.
  2. Google store will give you a 14-day return policy with no restocking fees.
  3. It provides great customer service through their phones and emails 24/7 so that you can get your questions answered quickly and efficiently.
  4. There are no shipping fees for returning an item to Google Store in the U.S., so make sure you don’t forget this before making your purchase.
  5. Google store has a 90-day warranty on most of their products, but if you need to extend the warranty, you can contact the manufacturer of your product with the included receipt and proof of purchase for instructions on how to get an extended warranty.

Why use it?

The google store in the USA is a great place to buy electronics. This store has lower prices compared to other places where you can get these items. If you want an item, check if google store us has it first before looking elsewhere. You’ll be surprised with their offers and price cuts. You just need to follow the instructions that Google has on how to do a return or claim so that you will be assured of getting what you paid for. There are other ways to buy electronics without needing to go through a different store.

Final Verdict: 

Google Store is a great place to buy electronic products at great prices.

Only things you need to remember is the shipping and return policies on the website and if you go there.

You get what you intended to get.

Retailers have a policy of returning or exchanging their products within 14 days from the date of purchase and will offer no restocking fees.