Google Store and its procedure to follow

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Google Store and its procedure to follow

The Google Store is one of the essential parts of the Android operating system and it allows many applications including third-party applications and games for exchanging information with Google.

That also includes getting directions from Google Maps and it makes a Google search in order to sign in to your Google account.

Its Google Store service usually starts up to date automatically suppose if you are experiencing a problem with your phone it will suspect a Google Play service and it will trouble shoot the checklist recommendations in which you can update the Google Play service.

Procedures to update Google Store on Android

Initially just start the settings application on your Android mobile phone and just tap the notification application and here you will find your Android device which does not have this option just tap application option. In that tap Google Play service and then just scroll to the bottom of the page and the just click advanced and then app details if you can’t find the app just choose a details in the store. In the Google Store if you see install at the top of the screen just click that and here you can view the update option available just tap update suppose if you see to deactivate then your Google Play service will already be up to date.

Is there any option to troubleshoot the Google Play Services?

If you continue to have trouble with Google Play services you should clear the catchy and the data in which if you can clear the catchy without any risk but if you clear the data you have to login to your Google account again so you should be very much aware that you have to use your name and password in a secured way.

Google store in Singapore

Officially Google store Singapore will be getting the official access to Google online store where the customers will be able to buy the products directly from the company and the technology is officially selling the line of smart speakers and the Google home in order to go inside the Store launch in Singapore. Google has announce the tie up with Singapore press holdings in which they will allow the users to the voice enable smart speaker in which you can listen the news and podcast from the business Times so it is one of the extra add advantage for the people who are in Singapore.

Best practices in Play Store

A long description which has give in the form of text field in the app marketers they use to provide a detail information about their application the detail description which should ideally give the potential uses and the reason why they should install your application. Moreover the long description will entirely be even since the Google algorithm will notice the keywords which you have mention more often so you don’t want to stuff the description which needs more sound natural and provides enough information for the people in which they want to investigate your App more thoroughly.

Short overview on Google F

Google f is one of the best place in which you will receive a large volume of stock quotes and financial news in which you can explore your various investment options before investing your money. In addition you will have terms of outstanding information on thousands of companies in which Google f will also have an excellent portfolio tool. This Google f will allowed you to import real time financial and currency market data that is straight into your Google sheet as well as you can enable as you track the current stocks and shares the information which can be used to do retrieve the historical security data.

What are the ways to create the forms in Google?

The Google.f can be create easily in which you have to choose an option in just click the blank Page or choose the template from the in which you have to scroll Google forms and just click blank form to form a template.

It is one of the easiest process and you can easily name the form in the top left corner just click the untitle form or the template and you can enter a new name.

In Google.f you can add a description under the form name and you can add your text just add a header and change the theme background color or the font style you can just customize according to your taste.

With the help of Google f you can add things like images and videos and if you need to question anytime you can also use that recorder for adding or deleting the questions so it is one of the easiest application in which you can use it anytime and anywhere you need.

There are lot more benefits by using Google Store and Google App application.


The Google store is a hardware retail store which is operate by Google and it sells Google pixel device the Google nest products and also it finds accessories such as keyboards, form cases etc.

Unique Google store products are design by Google or it is made in collaboration with that company and it was introduce on March 11 2015 and it was replace by the device section of Google Play as Google hardware retailer as Google devices and service division.

Google store is very much essential for your App Optimization and it gives the listing visitor and potential uses valuable information regarding the application it also contains the keywords in the Play Store algorithm and it will index you to rank your app.

In this application you can easily create new app description in the Google store if you need to login to Google Play console account after that just navigate the main store listing under the store present tab in which you will see the app details and data in which you have to fill the information before updating or publishing your app for the first time.